To replace lost teeth, you can either get a dental bridge or you can rely on dental implants. Do you know the benefits and disadvantages of each option?


One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is that they protect the other teeth. In the case of a dental bridge, the natural teeth have to perform the function of support. The implant is not putting any strain on other teeth.
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People and animal teeth have the same basic make up, although the shape and positioning may vary by species. All vertebrates have teeth – that means any animal including humans that have backbones. Teeth for any animal consist of a mix of calcium, mineral salts and phosphorus.



Looking for ways to motivate your child to brush his or her teeth? Why not compare their teeth to those of their favorite animals? After all, everyone loves fun facts. Like people, some animals have several different kinds of teeth, while others have only one kind. Others don’t have any teeth at all! Animals’ teeth also give us clues about what they eat. Continue reading “FUN DENTAL FACTS!! (PART2 animal-kingdom)”

10 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

Cold and flu season is here. Is your body in shape to fight off viruses and fend off germs that could make you sick? If not, start with these 10 simple habits that will help you stay healthy all season long.

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Eat Your Vitamins

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Wisdom teeth (Dents de sagesse)  plural for wisdom tooth, is basically the set of teeth that erupts in the age of wisdom that is between 17 and 25 .
In other words they are the third molars, located distally from the 2nd molar.
In some cases they may erupt and in others they don’t. There normally should be one wisdom tooth in each quadrant of the mouth which makes it a total of four wisdom teeth, but it is possible to have fewer or more.
When there is limited space in the jaw, it can be painful and annoying for some.
Wisdom teeth commonly affect other teeth as they develop, becoming impacted or “coming in sideways.” They are often extracted when this occurs.