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Sometimes we can write a lot, but in the end a picture speaks louder, and easier to explain whatever is happening.

In this post I will put some pictures to illustrate progression of caries, to illustrate gum disease hence importance of prophylaxis treatment, the tooth eruption chart, so that parents know what to expect and at about what period etc.


old amalgam fillings vs tooth coloured restorations

 How to replace tooth/teeth

1. If the root is still present and can be restored, then a crown can be made. (1st picture)
2. second picture illustrates the use of post and core under a crown if the tooth structure remaining is not very strong.


if a tooth has been extracted then
a. a bridge of at least 3 units can be used as fixed option
b. an implant
c. a removable denture




When the gums start to become red and bleed , it is one of the signs that gum diseases have begun. We can at the office do prophylaxis treatment, through scaling/ root planning.

At home to maintain the hygiene, brushing and flossing should be continued.




Deep caries in Primary teeth should be treated too


















Happy  Divali Friends

I hope you had a great one!! We can have a good Divali and healthy teeth if we follow the following tips :

  • Sweets and chocolates are an integral part of our celebrations. Enjoy your Divali cakes, but just ensure to brush twice a day, in the morning and at bedtime. Make it a habit to floss as well.
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste as they prevent bacteria buildup in your mouth and help prevent cavities.
  • During the day, if you cannot brush, have a glass of water after eating sweets. Having a glass of water helps wash away the sticky sweets. Not to forget, drinking water even helps you control weight.
  • You may chew upon Sugar free gums after eating sweets as the sugar free gum helps in cleaning the mouth and increase saliva flow. Increased saliva flow increases our ability to fight bacteria and avoid cavities.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks; they are¬† bad for our health.
  • Avoid sweets just before bedtime.
  • Take special care of your kids as they tend to skip brushing during festivities. Remind them to brush and floss at morning and bedtime. Ask them to rinse after eating sweets. Get them a tooth brush of their favorite character to motivate them to brush.

Toothache is the worst thing to happen during Diwali time and especially when others are savoring on Diwali sweets.

Have a fun filled, prosperous and safe Diwali!!!!!

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