February 28, 2020
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  • 12:37 pm Crown vs Veneers vs Lumineers

Hello !


It has been a while I have not heard from you! I hope the new year celebration went by well. I have some good news! We changed logo and if you look for Ebene dental care or dentist ebene on GOOGLE or Facebook we are easily reachable.

Moreover a Pharmacy just opened round the corner! NetCare, it will be so easy for us now to get medicines whenever needed.

2019 went by really fast.

We could get the latest XRAY machine along with RVG (sensor) to instantly get the radiation pictures on the computer screen.  With Xrays, we can find things that are not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes big proximal caries go unseen as shown in picture below. This has helped tremendously with all treatment and less referrals on top of the apex locator and intraoral camera.

We also got a cool water feature in the reception area to make one feel good and relax the atmosphere.

I have a friend who brought a SONIC toothbrush which looks very high tech and to support her I bought one myself and it is really different than my previous electric toothbrush. I am still discovering many of its properties like YOGA, sensitive, wellness and whitening features, the latter removes tough stains. So it has a two year warranty and comes from Switzerland. If you want more details Id be glad to show you the product. Also the advantage of it , it has two heads, so you may share it with your room mate or spouse brother or sister.Needless to say, it also have brushing timer and a quadrant timer. So wow! I am very impressed.

If you know of or use other great dental products do not hesitate to share.

Take care, Sending you much much love and blessings



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Dr. Tunesha Mohabeer

My name is Tunesha Mohabeer , Dental Surgeon/ Dentist at Ebene Mauritius. I love writing and reading. My patients call me Dr. Nesha. I have a passion for the work I do, I believe that dentistry is science combined with art and physics. I studied Stomatology in People's Republic of China, stomatology is basically half medicine and half dentistry after having completed my secondary education Cambridge O'Levels and A'Levels at the Queen Elizabeth College, Rose Hill. I am thankful to having chosen this field because I meet people from all walks of life, and we develop a friendly relationship. I hope toothandtips is helpful and please do not hesitate to comment and message. Thank you


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