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Hi I am Dentist Nesha

It is a beautiful country, I chose to take this picture in an old street. Otherwise this country is as developed as USA/UK or more
My chinese name was 李莎. This picture was taken in Zhejiang Province , Old Street, Taizhou City .

I qualified as a Dental Surgeon (Dentist).

My birthplace is Quatre-Bornes Mauritius.

I love life! I love music, the beach, walking, my pets and I love reading and writing, I love arts. I wish I could travel more and learn new cultures.

I tend to believe that I am creative and come up with ‘crazy’ ideas.

I believe in sharing , helping people and that knowledge is the key to development.

I also believe that patients have the right to know which procedures (dental care) they are meant to do, the risks, the reasons, what will happen if treatment is delayed, whether there are alternative options.

My job history was a private clinic in Quatre Bornes ,Floreal, Trianon, Tamarin and Port-Louis.

I opened my own private practice since March/ April 2017 in my hometown Quatre-Bornes. The people here are sweet and amazing.

Don’t forget to visit your dentist regularly, and if you want a new one, I take new admissions as well.

I have a passion for the work I do. Registered as Dental Surgeon at the Dental Council of Mauritius, I studied Stomatology in People’s Republic of China for six years,( stomatology is basically half medicine and half dentistry, DDS) after having completed my secondary education Cambridge O’Levels and A’Levels at the Queen Elizabeth College, Rose Hill.


I am thankful to choosing this field because as a dentist I meet people from all walks of life and have the opportunity to bring their smiles and confidence back.

Being a dentist is not only about dental decay or extractions. There is a misconception of dentists all around the world and luckily through education it is starting to decrease in the West. Not too long ago people would have preferred an extraction compared to a filling .

Now my duty is to instill the importance of teeth and the importance of replacing them as soon as possible and above all raise awareness that prevention is better than cure.Regular dental check ups is a must.

I hope www.toothandtips.com is helpful to you dear friends and please do not hesitate to comment /share the page . You may also message me about any question you may need to ask, I will do my utmost best to answer as soon as possible.


I am grateful to my husband, for being patient and kind and understanding also for gifting me this platform. This is how awesome he is!

Thank you

Best Regards

Dr. Tunesha Mohabeer Beejan


  1. Melodie Posted on January 25, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    Hi, please check your email i have just sent you an email.

    I look forward to hear back.

    Thank you


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