Doctor my crown is chipped , can we repair it?


It can happen, in rare occasions, that one’s ceramic crown can chip when biting on an overly hard surface.

Recap: we have different materials for crowns, namely ceramic crowns (EMAX or ZIRCONIA) or porcelain fused with metal crown . If the porcelain part is chipped, and the metal is visible it will be very unaesthetic. Luckily there are new materials that can allow your dentist to bond it otherwise you will have to remove the crown/bridge and have it done again. So basically to answer the above question yes it is possible. But care should be taken so that not excessive force is put on the affected repaired crown.

chipped PFM crown (Porcelain Fused with Metal crown)
chipped PFM crown (Porcelain Fused with Metal crown)

Steps to be done:

  1. With a diamond bur, make the surface rough, remove excess cement/composite, with high speed handpiece.
  2. Use of a special etching solution (Fluoric acid) for 90 seconds, then rinsing properly.
  3. With the use of a micro-applicator apply Sillane
  4. Allow it to dry 60seconds
  5. or gently blow air
  6. Use a good Bonding agent using another brush
  7. blow air lightly
  8. Light cure (according to your bond) 20s usually
  9. apply the composite material with appropriate shade in increments
  10. Light cure.
  11. Use of darker shade if metal is visible before putting the lighter shade.
  12. Use flowable composite for a better finish
  13. Use of high speed burs to correct occlusion if necessary
  14. Use different burs to give a good finish
  15. Use of polibur for polish

I did not take a picture of the final result when I did it last time. Patient was happy he did not have to remove the four unit bridge and could save his crown.

Personally I was satisfied too by the result, I’m using this method for cases where there is not much retention.

Obtained from the web. Example of the crown repair
Obtained from the web. Example of the crown repair

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