Do’s and Don’ts at the dentist.

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How is December at your place? Here in tropical Mauritius it is hot!!! We all want to have chilled drinks and go to the beach!!! Please do so , and enjoy , because all work and no play makes John a dull person isn’t it? I myself can’t recall when was the last time I had proper holidays. But to be honest I love the view from the reception desk, I see palm trees, and part of Port-Louis Moka Range and the clear blue sky!

Today I will write something from a Dentist perspective. Please do not take any offence 😛

Don’ts and Do’s of patients at Dentists 

  1. Do’s Punctuality: Please be on time for your appointment.
  2. Dont’s Dentists hate no shows. Remember the dentist has set aside a big slot for your treatment and could have seen other people or do other things in that period of time. Also do not cancel at the last minute. Keyword is to be respectful
  3. Please follow instructions given as far as medications are concerned. For example you feel that you don’t have to take anti-Inflammatory medications , but then do not complain that the tooth is still having some pain. Or you feel that you want to go to the party and have alcohol hence you won’t take antibiotics. Be responsible.
  4. Please do not smoke before coming to a dentist. Well try not to smoke at all. Cigarettes stain , the odour stays and overall it is bad for health.
  5. If Dr Google says so then maybe Dr Google can treat you instead. Whilst Google and other search engines gather much information, without proper consultation in office, they are not valid.
  6. Please do not embarrass your doctor by bargaining… it is very sensitive, and trust me, dental care costs the dentists way more than it costs the patients. Think of their investment in the machines, tools, consumables, medications, fine products, laboratory costs, sterilisation and more importantly the years and hours ,blood and sweat to study and become a professional. You may be driving the latest cars, having the latest versions of phone, but the doctor is still paying off his/her debts and giving you the best care he /she can.
  7. Please do not ask the doctor to falsify the receipt. It is fraud. You won’t be caught for it but the doctor may one day be fined heavily for that one minute of compassion.
  8. If a doctor / dentist made a treatment plan for you, the former will lay out the best option until the less good option. If you choose the latter and it fails. It is on the patient and not the doctor. Many a times, dentists get patients for ‘fillings’ and they complain that it keeps falling. If It is a huge filling and not enough tooth structure, we might tell the patient that it has a high risk of failure and a crown would be befitting. But for monetary reasons or for time constraints the patient chooses yet again to have a filling. If it falls out again , please bear the costs.
  9. If a treatment has begun and you choose to stop coming for whatever reason, then the treatment will fail. Please don’t blame your dentist. It usually occurs during root canal treatment. Once pain subsides, the patient stops coming. Respect your appointments. They are given for a reason.
  10. Please don’t name-shame other dentists/ doctors with fellow dentists/doctors. Criticizing others isn’t ethical and to each professional their method of working.
  11. Please don’t lie about your dental home hygiene.
  12. Please take a break from your cellphone. Unless you’re waiting on a critical call, take this moment to disconnect.
  13. If you are very ill, please let us know. It is better to get well than contaminating other patients/ dental office.If you are a bit sniffly, please don’t automatically think you need to reschedule your appointment. We follow very specific standards and hygiene precautions to protect you (and us).Obviously if you cant stop coughing, have the flu, a cold sore, or are prepping for a colonoscopy, then it really is in everyone’s best interests to postpone your appointment until a later date. Just try and give us a bit of notice, a day would be great, two days would be awesome, three would make everyone ecstatic.
  14. Please be truthful about your health, if you have allergies, if you are pregnant etc.
  15. Don’t work out before an appointment. Maybe you may plan your gym sessions after the dental appointment. Sitting in a sticky chair with damp, sweaty clothes on is probably the last thing you or your dentist wants you to do.
  16. The less is better as far as make up is concerned otherwise you will have them smudged over the face or be told to remove the red lipstick particularly if restorations in anteriors are concerned.
  17. Please voice your concerns . Whatever feedback positive or negative we can get from the patients, the better your experience will be.
  18. Please ask questions . I make sure to take time to explain the procedures with visual aid if available.
  19. Please do not scare your children , and associate dentists to the worst treatment on earth. Sometimes the little ones hate us before even stepping in the surgery.
  20. Please do not  use the word injection or pain. Prepare the child beforehand , Please click on the link for details about first appointment for your child.
  21. Last and not least 😛 We love you patients… we extend our hearts to you! please do not tell us you hate us… it does break our heart slowly..


If you have any queries please feel free to ask.  Until then take care  ! <3

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