Everyday I do prophylaxis cleanings with the patients and I secretly wished I had someone to do it to me too!
Until a friend came with this new product that works more or less similarly as the dental cleaning on the dental chair. Yes my cleaning is very thorough BUT this one is quite close!! Please find more information about the product below

8 reasons to love edel+white’s sonic toothbrush

Cleaning performance, power and the four cleaning modes of the edel+white Sonic Generation 8 Winner hydrodynamic toothbrush
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“The softness of this brush is unbeatable…

…nevertheless, it cleans very thoroughly. The different modes are also great, from ‘soft’ to ‘whitening’. I find the ‘Yoga mode’ particularly relaxing”

Brigitte Chopard for doktorstutz.ch

The hydrodynamic effect

Non-contact cleaning is like a jacuzzi in your mouth, which makes a Sonic 30% more effective than manual toothbrushes

A high frequency and an amplitude of 8° create a high speed and a wide range of movement. This generates powerful currents of fluids within the mouth that push their way between teeth and beneath the gum line, washing away bacteria and residual food.


Why the Swiss Dental Association recommends a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush

and why edel+white’s Sonic Generation 8 Winner® is among the best

Table to compare a hydrodynamic sonic with a manual, oscillating electric and regular sonic toothbrush

Four cleaning modes

Customise your clean to provide comfort, deep cleaning, whitening or better health

Sonic Generation 8 Winner hydrodynamic toothbrush handle with sensitive, active deep, whitening and yoga cleaning modes


Greater control around sensitive teeth and gums


Thorough plaque removal for a deeper clean


Optimum frequency and amplitude for stain removal


Integrated breathing timer for a relaxing clean and a proven psychosomatic treatment method

A winner by name and by nature

The Sonic Generation 8 Winner® is a winning toothbrush – hence the name! Operating at one of the highest frequencies on the market, it wins at power.

Combining mechanical with non-contact cleaning, it wins at performance. Possessing the softest bristles currently available, it wins at care. Looking sleek and feeling ergonomic, it wins at design. Believe us when we say you won’t want to be without it, and with its handy travel kit, you’ll never have to be!

The phenomenon of non-contact cleaning

Learn why the hydrodynamic power of edel+white’s sonic toothbrush cleans deeper than others

What is non-contact cleaning?

The speed at which the Sonic Generation 8 Winner® (SG8) operates creates a current of fluids within the mouth, which clean beyond the reach of the bristles. That’s how powerful the SG8 is – it’s able to clean all around the teeth and gums without even needing to make contact with them.

How does it work?

Imagine a wave pool at a water park. When the wave machine is turned on, the water is pushed from the back of the pool to the front taking any swimmers with it. This action is similar to the hydrodynamic effect that occurs within the mouth when using a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush. When the brush is turned on, its movements cause the saliva and toothpaste to create waves that push their way between teeth and beneath the gum line, washing away any bacteria and residual food.

Hydrodynamic non-contact cleaning of edel+white Sonic Generation 8 Winner toothbrush illustration

How does this compare to the action of other electric and sonic toothbrushes?

Due to a lack of power, electric and sonic toothbrushes are unable to generate the strong currents of fluids that a hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush can. For this reason they can only clean teeth mechanically, or in other words, they only clean where the bristles touch (which is usually just the exposed surfaces of the teeth).

The SG8 cleans via both enhanced mechanical cleaning and non-contact cleaning, offering your teeth and gums the best in thorough cleaning.

Diagram to show how a hydrodynamic sonic cleans the entire interdental region

Scientifically proven to clean the entire interdental region

The efficacy of non-contact cleaning was proven by the University of Basel who compared three toothbrushes side-by-side to assess how well they can remove plaque without it coming into contact with the bristles and the SG8 came out on top! These results were again confirmed by the University of Zurichwho measured the distance that these hydrodynamic waves travel. They found that non-contact cleaning extends the reach of the toothbrush by 2-3 mm. This, coupled with the mechanical cleaning of the tapered bristles, ensures cleaning of the entire interdental region.

Comfort, deep cleaning, whiter teeth or better health

The Sonic lets you customize your clean with its four different modes

Sonic Generation 8 Winner hydrodynamic toothbrush handle with sensitive, active deep, whitening and yoga cleaning modes

Personalise your routine with the Sonic Generation 8 Winner®

The Sonic Generation 8 Winner® (SG8) has four different cleaning modes, allowing you to customise your routine according to your requirements.

Floating feather illustration


For comfort during brushing of tender teeth and gums

The Sensitive mode is for gentle cleaning, but don’t be fooled! Though the feel is soft, the clean is thorough. In fact, the Sensitive mode operates at the highest frequency, which equates to 42,000 strokes per minute.

You may be wondering how the highest frequency offers the gentlest clean. To understand this, we’re going to take you back to a physics lesson you probably had in school. Remember learning about the frequency and amplitude of sound waves? No, us neither! Don’t worry – we brushed up on it and we’ll explain how these two measurements have an impact on the SG8.


For stain removal and naturally whiter teeth

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The Whitening mode naturally whitens teeth by ridding their surfaces of pesky stains. This mode has the lowest frequency and highest amplitude – a ratio that is optimal for enhanced mechanical cleaning and removal of surface stains.

Active deep

For thorough cleaning of the entire mouth

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The Active Deep mode is for thorough plaque removal. It has a lower frequency and a higher amplitude, so the sweeping motions are greater as is the disturbance of plaque. This mode is ideal for when you want a deep clean.

Frequency is the number of waves within a given period of time and amplitude is the height of those waves

In the context of a sonic toothbrush, the frequency is the speed at which the bristles move (i.e. the number of side-to-side movements they make) and the amplitude is the range of this motion (i.e. the width of the side-to-side movements of the bristles). While the Sensitive mode has the highest frequency, it also has the lowest amplitude. This means that the bristles are moving back and forth very fast, but their sweeping motion is narrow.

As a result, the teeth are efficiently cleaned but the restricted movement of the bristles provides you with more control over where the bristles come into contact with the teeth and gums.

This allows you to avoid sensitive areas and limit the occurrence of any irritation.


For relaxation and better health. An integrated breathing timer slows your routine down to increase relaxation and decrease blood pressure.

Woman doing yoga in the Sukhasana pose with hands on knees in Gyan Mudra

The Yoga mode is where we really show you how much we care about you. Don’t panic – we’re not suggesting you get into Downward Dog pose while brushing your teeth! Anyone can partake in edel+white’s Yoga mode. Many people practice yoga or daily meditation, both of which centre around breathing. The relationship between breathing and stress-relief has been well documented and is what inspired us to integrate a breathing trainer into the SG8.

For those of you interested in the physics of the brush, you can hear as well as feel the difference between the modes

When you turn the toothbrush on, you’ll hear a high humming sound, which indicates the high frequency and low amplitude of the Sensitive mode. As you cycle through the different modes, you’ll notice that the humming gets lower and louder as the frequency gets lower and the amplitude higher. You should also spot that there is no difference in sound between the Whitening and Yoga modes, as they operate at the same frequency and amplitude that is optimal for stain removal. Interesting, huh? We certainly think so!

Brush up on bristles

From the softest Konex HD® bristles to the most effective whitening Pedex bristles

Blue Flosserbrush with magnified illustration of tapered, ultra-soft Konex HD bristles
Chart to show durability of Konex HD versus regular tapered bristles and how flexible tips adapt to tooth surfaces

UltraSoft Konex HD® bristles

The tapered shape of our Konex HD® bristles imparts stability at the base and flexibility in the tip. This shape helps the bristles adapt to the surfaces of the teeth, hugging their curves and establishing more intimate contact than conventional bristles can achieve. They are the cat’s whiskers. No, seriously – they are! Just as whiskers help a cat to navigate the world and avoid danger, our Konex HD® bristles navigate your teeth and avoid damage.

Our Konex HD® bristles are five times thinner than regular UltraSoft bristles, making them UltraUltraSoft. This provides comfort during brushing, particularly for those with sensitive teeth and gums, making the task of brushing teeth a pleasant experience. You may think that the word softness is synonymous with weakness, but our Konex HD® bristles are in fact five times more durable than those of conventional toothbrushes.


Did you know that tapered bristles have been shown to be more effective at cleaning than regular bristles? Multiple studies have compared the efficacy of tapered bristles vs. conventional rounded bristles and have found that the former are significantly better than the latter

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