Handy tips for managing dental pain during confinement

Here are some tips to alleviate your tooth pain when you can’t visit the dentist

1) Gently brush around the affected tooth and clean your mouth. You can apply a toothpaste used for sensitive teeth on the affected area

2) Rinse with warm salty water every now and then

3) Clove oil- You can apply 1-2 drops of clove oil essence on a cotton pellet and rub on the area where filling has come out OR simply crush/ chew a CLOVE (giroffle) on the affected area, it will help soothe the pain. Retain it there for a few mins

4) Mold dental wax into the tooth so it temporarily fills the void or you can use a SUGAR FREE Chewing gum to temporarily seal the void.

5) if pain persists , take over the counter pain killers like paracetamol.

6) you can use a COLD compress on the face adjacent to the affected tooth at 10 mins interval

7) hold COLD water in the mouth for temporary relief in case of severe pain

8) if you have persistent pain and fever,
Contact your dentist or any dentist for a prescription of antibiotics and pain killers

9) if you have a face swelling , go to an emergency clinic which is open.

10) if you were in the middle of a root canal treatment and the confinement happened, and you feel pain remove the temporary filling your dentist put, scrape it off.. that adds pressure to the affected tooth ,then rinse and place a cotton with clove oil . if you need reassurance you can contact us.

11) if you were given a prescription please follow through, don’t panic-call dentists saying it still hurts, give time time, at least finish the medications first .

12) Keep your head elevated when sleeping Propping your head higher than your body can keep the blood from rushing to your head. If blood pools in your head, it might intensify the toothache pain and possibly keep you awake.

13)Avoid eating acidic, cold, or hard foods right before bed. These foods can aggravate your teeth and any cavities that may have already formed. Try to avoid foods that trigger pain.

Please find below a list of food that you may have when tooth is sore .

Again wash your hands properly. Stay at home it is for our well-being. Better be safe than sorry.

Peace and love

4 thoughts on “Handy tips for managing dental pain during confinement”

  1. Tom KIrkpatrick

    Hi: Your posted Coronavirus info is interesting. However, it appears to be misinformation, containing inaccuracies. This information has been “virally” spread across the internet, attributed to Johns Hopkins Hospital, but it does not appear anywhere on the Johns Hopkins website.

    Johns Hopkins has, however, posted this: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/coronavirus/coronavirus-myths-rumors-misinformation.html

    Further information can be found here: https://www.factrakers.org/post/busted-coronavirus-myths-take-on-new-life


    1. Hi thank you! I will remove the article . some doctors were sharing it usually I proofread , but this one i did not assuming that they would be right. thank you again and apologies for inconvenience

    2. Thank you again, I have removed the article and replaced it with the above content which is Dental pain management during confinement. If you would like other articles feel free to ask . best regards

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