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It’s the festive season packed with weddings , engagements , graduation ceremonies, religious gatherings and so on . Dental offices are booked for dental cleanings and whitening for these special occasions. I have been asked time and again these two valuable questions :

How to avoid staining the teeth? What can we do at home to keep the teeth white besides toothbrushing and flossing?

We should bear in mind that the tooth is made of minerals and is porous, therefore it will tend to get stained over time if left in staining agents.

Staining agents!? Yes! Tea and coffee are examples of staining foods. We so love our hot beverage in this cold weather, but too much of it does tarnish your whites. They are known as tannins. Other tannins are red wine, pomegranate, citrus fruits, smoked foods and vegetables.

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Why do gums bleed?

Let’s be honest, bleeding is not pleasant. If we find blood oozing from our gums , definitely something is going on. The bleeding is usually noticed during, or following, toothbrushing or eating. When bleeding occurs spontaneously , the patient , may complain of tasting blood on awakening in the morning.

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Tooth and Tips

Hello World!

Warm welcome to a dental blog specially made for you by me 🙂 .

A lot of friends, relatives and patients have been asking me interesting questions and I realized that it would be interesting to write them down and share them with you all. Through knowledge and understanding, dental visits at your hygienist and/or dental surgeons will be less dreadful.

I hope that the topics satisfy your quests, and please do not hesitate to ask more questions about dental care.

I will try my utmost best to update this website with illustrations and hope that it is educational .
My first post will follow(why do gums bleed & tips for clean bright teeth) , stay tuned!


Dr.  Nesha Mohabeer