Oral Issues we need to be aware as we age

Oral issues you need to be aware of as you get older As we age, our bodies go through various changes which can sometimes lead to new health issues. The same situation happens in your mouth, although many people are not aware of differences in their oral health until something drastic has happened. This is …

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TOOTH DECAY Dental Cariesis one of the most common human diseases. Main cause of dental caries is the loss of minerals from the tooth enamel due to the action of acids produced by dental plaque. Dental caries results in defective tooth structure, sometimes requiring repair. Susceptible Sites Pits and fissures Approximal surfaces The cervical margin The …


Why do gums bleed?

Why do gums bleed? Let’s be honest, bleeding is not pleasant. If we find blood oozing from our gums , definitely something is going on. The bleeding is usually noticed during, or following, toothbrushing or eating. When bleeding occurs spontaneously , the patient , may complain of tasting blood on awakening in the morning.