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I hope you are well! Today I will talk about Wax up! this is a technical term used by lab prosthesists and dentists when redesigning a smile.

A wax up is like a blue print, a plan to your beautiful smile.

A diagnostic waxup is a dental diagnostic procedure in which planned restorations are developed in wax on a diagnostic cast to determine optimal clinical and laboratory procedures necessary to achieve the desired esthetics and function.

Say you have a missing tooth in the front and misaligned teeth that occured after the eruption of the wisdom teeth for example and you want a quick result without resorting to orthodontics. Or if a patient has an open bite and orthodontics even cannot do much to realign them, with the help of the wax up we can prepare a better smile for you with porcelain crowns. All we have to do is take an impression of your teeth and the lab in collaboration with your dentist will create their magic to give you the best smile that you deserve.

Once the result is approved we can go ahead with the making of crowns or veneers. If the wax up is not to your liking changes can be made before going ahead with the final restoration.

Please find below some examples of WAX UPs before and after pictures that I personally worked on. You may click on the pictures for better view


One of the advantages of having a wax-up of what you want the final results to look like is for a better understanding during your tooth preparation. By comparing the diagnostic models and the diagnostic wax-ups, a dentist can better see the requirements of tooth reduction. Whether your dentist need to reduce more on the labial side or the lingual side. 

A quality lab that is used to doing many esthetic cases should have a proper understanding of what is required to achieve optimal esthetics and the golden proportion of the anterior segment of the case. 

Rapid quality temporization

The other reason to have a quality wax-up of the desired final result is for the construction of temporary teeth while the laboratory prepares the final ceramic crowns/ veneer. After reducing the teeth , patients are given temporary teeth to go home with and if the projected final teeth are very different from what they were at first , the dentist will have a hard time to give proper temporaries.

I hope this was helpful.

Best Regards

Dr Tunesha Mohabeer Beejan
Dental Surgeon at Ebene Dental Care, Mauritius

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