February 26, 2020
  • 3:22 pm Tips for clean bright teeth
  • 5:53 pm Dental Radiography
  • 5:02 pm 2020 DENTAL CARE
  • 12:37 pm Crown vs Veneers vs Lumineers
  • 3:46 pm Do’s and Don’ts at the dentist.
  • 3:22 pm Dental Anesthesia

Hello World!

A warm welcome to Toothandtips.com, a dental blog specially made for you by me 🙂 .

A lot of patients have been asking me interesting questions and I realized that it would be interesting to write them down and share them with you friends. Through knowledge and understanding, dental visits at your hygienist and/or dental surgeons would be less dreadful.

I hope that the topics satisfy your quests, and please do not hesitate to ask more questions about dental care.

I will try my utmost best to update this website with illustrations on a regular basis and I sincerely hope that it is informative .
My first post will follow , stay tuned!


Dr. Nesha

Ps: Special thanks to Infolad ltd #infoladltd

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