Working mum

As you could guess, I have recently been promoted to mummy status.

Being a mum brought a lot of changes and my dear friend Pretty who works in the UK in the dental field too told me it is actually a good subject for my blog.

How has becoming a mummy helped me and how do I manage?

The thing is  I live with my husband and we are in different fields. He is in the IT sector . We have different work hours and with the baby it is not quite easy.

I was working in Quatre Bornes, and was becoming a slave of work and was stressing if I could attend to baby needs etc. I suddenly became mom, business owner, driver, cook , cleaner , daughter and wife. People talk about equality and stuff, but for women like myself who work on our own it is not very easy. We do not get paid maternity leaves, au contraire we have to keep paying loans, keep paying rent and so on and so forth.

So then I made the decision to move EBENE, home based. If I have free time, I can do things for the house or baby . I can book the appointments in such a way that it won’t interfere with the little one or home . Career is something but the little baby will grow fast and these days it is not about working 9 to 5 , 5 days a week, but working efficiently. No matter how much effort the doctor would do, patients would want to come after hours, or late in weekends, forgetting that we too got a family and life. But I understand. So this is why now I am more flexible and take patients on appointment basis. On weekends , my husband stays with the little one, or if he is busy , my parents graciously look after my little prince.

In summary I have more time for my baby, my family and at the same time my business without compromising.

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